FirecrackerDuring my last week of work, I received an email in my inbox with the subject line, “for Kaleigh.” It was a link from Brian, the president of the company, and it led to a blog post he had written earlier that day about “dream makers.”

I can’t quite imagine another president in another company with an employee like me who would have responded in such a way. Who would respond to my need to quit his dream and start my own with such overwhelming support and genuine excitement. But I guess that’s what his post was all about – those special people who saw that you didn’t fit the round hole you were being jammed into and encouraged you to try something new. The supporter who held the rip cord on your proverbial parachute when you jumped out of the plane. The lone dream maker in the face of dozens of dream takers.

It’s so easy to respond to bold moves with skepticism. So easy to scoff at wild dreams with negativity. So easy to point out everything that could go wrong instead of the one thing that could go right. Thankfully, I’ve made it this far with a handful of people who want to see me reach my goal just as bad as I do. Brian’s one. Another one’s coming along on the journey with me.

So, “for you” – thanks. For pushing me forward and making me better.