14 January 2014

The Rollercoaster of Emotions That is Startup Hiring

When you uproot your entire life and move across the country to chase a crazy dream, you gain a weird sort of notoriety back home. A mix of hope and cynicism. Wide-eyed encouragement with a dash of misanthropy. When you fly in the face of everything you’ve been cautioned against, your elders are sitting on […]

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20 December 2013

Top Ten Startup Institute Chicago Moments

It’s hard to distill eight life-changing weeks down to ten top moments, but here’s my best shot:

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11 December 2013

The Finish Line

It still doesn’t feel real yet, but I’m less than a week away from officially being a Startup Institute graduate.

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11 December 2013

The Goods: Part Two

A continuation of some of my favorite learnings as a student of Startup Institute:

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10 December 2013

The Goods: Part One

So many people have asked, “What are you actually learning there at Startup Institute? Do you feel like you’re coming away with worthwhile skills? Are you getting your money’s worth?” Here’s the short answer: yes.

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1 December 2013

From Scratch

A good friend from home was in town last night and even just seeing his face reminded me of how much I miss about the network of friends and colleagues I left back in Rochester. Mostly, the pure existence of one.

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22 November 2013

Don’t Be a Jerk

If there’s one theme that has been pretty consistent through the all-star lineup of Startup Institute fireside chat speakers, it’s this – don’t be an asshole.

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12 November 2013

Drinking From the Fire Hose

One of the things I remember distinctly about the first day of Startup Institute came from Jenn, the director.

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24 October 2013


Yesterday, we had a session on emotional intelligence. What it means, how it affects your relationships with your team and how you can be better at it.

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22 October 2013

Drawing the Owl

I had read about this trademark Startup Institute phrase long before I walked in the doors, but it meant something today.

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