January 2016

Rippleshot Nurturing Flow

This is a snapshot of our nurturing flow that was built to help pull people through the marketing funnel and onto the sales team.

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12 February 2018

State of Card Fraud Campaign

This campaign, cross-promoted by the American Bankers Association, covered the year's top trends, statistics and developments in card fraud.

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05 March 2015

EMV Adoption Campaign

A lead gen campaign focused around educating the market on the 2015 EMV roll-out, how it went in other countries and what the U.S. could expect from its implementation here.

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September 2014

Keys to UGC Success Campaign

This lead gen campaign for SparkReel was anchored around a tip sheet highlighting a number of our favorite UGC use cases.

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April 2014

UGC Contest Checklist Campaign

A lead generation campaign focused around how to build a great video or photo-focused contest.

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May 2014

Five Reasons to Incorporate UGC Campaign

A SparkReel lead gen campaign highlighting the benefits of UGC campaigns, along with examples of brands who were doing great work with it.

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December 2013

Five Ways to Attract New Customers Campaign

A marketing offer produced for UrbanBound as part of a larger inbound marketing campaign.

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